Tutorials: 3D Modelling & Rendering

In this section of my website I will share some of the techniques you can use for modelling, texture and material creation, as well as rendering for architectural and product visualisation.

Most modelling will be done using Sketchup and rendering tutorials will focus on a Sketchup to Thea Render workflow.

Seamless Concrete Texture & Thea Render Material

This tutorial shows you how to create a seamless concrete texture, which can be used in most 3D modelling and rendering applications. The tutorial then goes on to show you how you can combine the concrete texture with other textures to create a layered weathered material for for use with Thea Render.

Tutorials By Nige Copeland

The following tutorials have been written by Nige Copeland (beta tester for Thea Render). They mostly cover the process of using Sketchup models to create renders and animations with Thea Render.